xPasser Give-N-Go: Skating & Passing Through the Neutral Zone

When practice starts, coaches usually run players through a warm-up skating drill that encompasses both offensive zones and the neutral zone. But what if you could replace that drill with one that includes passing and pass reception, while still allowing for a full-body, hard skate.

The xPasser Give-N-Go makes this a possibility with the following drill.

As you can see, the Neutral Zone Wheels drill still pushes players to pump their legs as hard as they can, but puck possession and passing is added into the mix. Although this drill can be implemented during any part of practice, having players go through the motions early on will get their heads into the game a bit more, while still providing them with the ability to move their feet and prepare for a long practice.

Just place the xPasser Give-N-Goes in the spots indicated in the video (about the top of perpendicular offensive zone faceoff circles), and include some barriers to help players understand where exactly they need to circle. This is a fast-paced drill that will push players to be faster than the skater coming up behind them and it improves the ability to receive passes while on the fly.

Stay tuned to the Everything Hockey blog to see more drills like this with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

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