Stick Weights Improve Strength, Quickness

Oftentimes, a young baseball fan will go to a game and notice that the batter in the on-deck circle is swinging a bat (or two) with round weights at the top.

“Daddy, why is there a ring around that player’s bat?” he asks.

“It’s a weight around the bat, son,” replies the father.

“A what?” the inquisitive child asks.

“It helps his swing,” the father responds. “When he goes to the plate and swings without the weight on, he swings faster and stronger because the bat is lighter and easier to control. It’s how a lot of players are able to drive the ball to the outfield.”

This principle has been used in baseball for eons. It’s accepted through every level of the sport, from the time players stop using tees to when they are swinging for the fences in the big leagues. It’s a way of thinking that has proven to work in America’s pastime. So why not hockey?

Using the same philosophy and mechanics, stick weights are becoming more and more popular. They improve your muscle memory, develop forearm strength and provide confidence when a player finds him or herself in a scoring area.

stick weights

Stick weights also train a player mentally to have a tighter grip on his or her sticks, so when an opposing player stick checks, the player isn’t as likely to drop his or her stick. Puck control is also heightened, as the feel for the puck improves after the stick weight is taken off. Your stick goes from sometimes feeling like a lumbering twig to a light extension of your hands that gives you ultimate feel when carrying the puck.

Bat weights usually slide on, but because of the many motions of hockey, as well as the shape of the shaft and blade, xHockeyProducts stick weights use Velcro for easy attachment and removal to sticks of any brand or size. Also, there’s no worries of stick breakage from the weights, as foam padding is where the weight comes from, not clunky metal or plastic. The way to imagine how it feels to the stick is like leaning heavier on the stick; that’s what it’s made to do.

Find out why only 10 minutes of quick-stick drill training each day will translate into you becoming a better, quicker and stronger shooter, passer and puck handler.

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