xPasser Give-N-Go: The Houdini Drill

There have been multiple drills we have shown you in which you probably have either tried or seen. However, today we’ll show you The Houdini — a drill that is completed with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

It’s a drill that is almost exclusive to those who implement the xPasser Give-N-Go into their practices. All that you need to do is set up your xPassers on each side of the slot, set up your players down the middle of the offensive zone and stick the goalie in net. You’re good to go at this point.

See how it is done in the following video:

Once you have your players set up in the proper position, the lead player should be ready in shooting stance. The second player in line has at least two pucks by him or her, ready to make a pass to either xPasser Give-N-Go.

The second player’s job here may be more difficult than the shooter’s. It’s his or her job to angle the pass in a way that the puck bounces to the shooter and not back to him or herself.

Is this important to in-game skills? Yes! Think about when a top team’s power play. A lot of teams focus on one-touch passing with a player set up for a one timer in the slot or just outside of the slot. If executed well, the movement should throw off the defense and the attacking team will end up with a pretty goal. A lot of the ability to one-touch pass involves the angle the puck is sent to a player, so it can be redirected to another spot on the ice.

The Houdini trains for this perfectly.

Once the pass is made, the shooter is to prepare for the pass and one time it as quickly as he or she received it.

This is an excellent drill to work on a player’s timing, as well as utilizing peripheral vision. It teaches players the importance of where passes are sent and how hard or soft they need to be.

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