xPasser Give-N-Go: Quick Pass 1, 2, 3

If a player knows how to utilize the quick pass, he or she will likely become a part of a nifty tic-tac-toe goal in the future.

Quick passing is vital to offenses that emphasize puck movement on the power play or while cycling in the offensive zone. Getting the pass off quickly can confuse defenders and stun goaltenders. This is why coaches always stress quick passing during warm-ups. If they can be completed properly during gameplay, it can be the difference between adding a goal to the scoreboard and creating an odd-man rush for the opposing team.

Utilizing the xPasser Give-N-Go, the quick pass can be an emphasis when training on the ice. See how we ran a quick pass drill below.

As you have seen with our other xPasser Give N-Go drills, the training aid allows for multiple people to run the drill at the same time. Simply set the xPasser Give-N-Go in the middle of the high slot in the offensive zone and players should line up near the blue line on both sides.

The player starts with the puck and makes a mid-range, hard pass to the Give-N-Go. As he or she receives the puck back, the player should position him or herself to make an instant pass upon reception. He r she then makes another quick pass, gobbles the puck back up and makes one more as he or she is almost toe-to-toe with the xPasser. After receiving the puck the third time, the player backpedals with the puck and goes back to the starting position.

Coaches should watch for the speed in which it takes the player to receive and move the puck, as well as the placement of the puck when it rockets back to the player. If the passer did this correctly, he or she should be receiving the puck back on his or her stick without having to reposition too much.

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