xPasser Give-N-Go: Soft Touch Pass and Handle

Premier puck-moving forwards and defensemen have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeves. One such move is the ability to complete a soft touch pass with teammates and continue through the neutral or offensive zone.

Soft-touch passing is the perfect type of pass for give and goes, as well as when trying to serve up a perfect one-time shot from a teammate when in close proximity to the net. It’s a skill that is required in high-level hockey.

Just like every elite-level skill, it requires a lot of practice and training. The xPasser Give-N-Go can be the perfect tool to allow players to utilize this daft asset to a skater’s abilities.

The video below displays how soft-touch passing can be implemented into a drill with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

The xPasser Give-N-Goes should line up along the red line (or if you’re restricted to one side of the ice, atop the zone faceoff circles), with obstacles lined up at the blue lines (or equal length apart if restricted to one zone).

Players will begin at one end of the ice and can be lined up on both sides of the Give-N-Goes. As the players carry pucks across the ice, they dish a soft pass to the xPasser Give-N-Go without breaking stride. If passed correctly, the puck will move about the same speed as the player, ricocheting back to his or her stick. It’s the player’s job to continue forward, keep his or her head up, and receive the pass back without stopping.

One the players finish with the xPasser Give-N-Goes, they skate to the obstacles and work their way past them in standard fashion. This helps mirror an in-game situation; after making a soft touch pass, they have to continue through the zone and work past more possible defenders.

Utilizing soft-touch passing will come in handy when playing in a real game.

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