xPasser Give-N-Go: Transition Passing

When you watch elite offensive defensemen, you notice that their feet seem to be in constant motion when they’re passing and skating with the puck. Transition passing is a pivotal attribute to possess if you find yourself in a position to drop off for a give and go, or to simply start an offensive rush.

Although the desire to be the best passer you can be always exists, it’s good to train for those moments when you turn the puck over and the other team begins to break out. Transition passing, although mainly used as a term for playing offense, can help with this mishap, as well. If you are trained to move your feet the opposite direction from the area you passed to, your ability to break up a turnover rush will improve vastly over time.

Watch the video below to see how we train for transition passing with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

First, line the xPasser Give-N-Goes across the red line (similar setup to the Soft Touch Pass and Handle drill; in fact, consider running these drills side-by-side so you don’t have to change the layout). Also similar to the Soft Touch Pass and Handle drill, you can run players across both ends of the xPassers to get more players involved.

The player starts at the blue line and passes the puck to the first xPasser Give-N-Go. As he or she releases the puck, the skater backpedals and positions him or herself for the puck’s return. Without breaking stride, the skater moves toward the next Give-N-Go and repeats the action prior. This continues until the player has completed all xPasser Give-N-Goes.

This drill is tiring as it involves constant motion. It’s up to the coach as to how hard the players run the drill; this can be run at half speed or full speed.

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