Stop Shooting Post — Snap at a Goalie

Shooting post is great for working on accuracy. Sometimes, though you want to be more than accurate. You want to be able to pick apart a goalie’s weak spots. That what a shooter tutor is for.

Some shooter tutors are just cloth that attaches to the posts and can be weaker than a C-level men’s league goalie (no offense, my fellow goalies). You don’t want something that will break apart after just a few uses. You want something than can handle what you dish out, including blazing slap shots and blistering snap shots.

The xHockeyProducts xGoalie Shooter Tutor is built utilizing heavy-duty Armor Weave Polyester construction with a specialized PVC rubber backer and reinforced binding around all openings and edges, allowing you to work on your shot speed and quickness, as well as its accuracy. Most shooter tutors can’t handle multiple uses with hard shooters over long stretches of time; the xGoalie can.

xgoalie shooter tutor

You also don’t need to worry about excessive bungee cords being used that can be detached with hard shots; the xGoalie Shooter Tutor uses easy attachments that can withstand your hardest, booming shots.

A fully weighted bottom also makes the goalie stay strong for multiple shots. If someone nails a shot that would normally flip up a tutor, the same won’t be said for our version.

Another feature that’s different with the xGoalie? We realize that there aren’t just five holes in a netminder. Sometimes, you want to aim for that spot right below the glove and above the leg pad. Now you can with a shooter tutor in net! We have added two additional targets for those hard-to-reach spots that a goalie can leave exposed.

With all of these features, it’s easy to forget the beauty of our game — it’s the most fun sport there is! That’s why we put a lot of effort into designing our goalie graphic. The youngsters will rely enjoy how realistic this tutor truly feels!

Hit those targets, work on your power and, most importantly, have some fun with this shooter tutor!

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