xPasser Give-N-Go: Blue Line 4 Drill

When pressuring the opposing team, pointmen must be able to skate into and away from passes, while holding the blue line. It’s not an easy skill to possess, which is why it is important to work in this area during practices and any ice time available to the player.

Utilizing the xPasser Give-N-Go, defensemen, or forwards who play the point on the power play, can mimic the necessary movements they will find in real-game situations. It’s a skill that can be the difference between hemming the opponents in the offensive zone and a dangerous odd-man rush toward your team’s goaltender.

The video below shows how the xPasser Give-N-Go works passing, skating and shooting from just inside the blue line.

Have the defenseman start in the middle of the rink at the blue line with two xPasser Give-N-Goes at each end. The player then skates to one end and slides the puck to the corresponding xPasser Give-N-Go. Once the pass returns to him or her, he or she is to one-touch pass it back to the xPasser. While backpedaling, the player then skates toward the other Give-N-Go and turns to accelerate quicker once he or she has full possession. The skater then accomplishes the same routine with the other xPasser and skates back to the middle, winds up and blasts his or her best shot toward the netminder.

The key here is to ensure the player’s feet are in constant motion. Also, one-touch passing on the second pass to the Give-N-Go is vital, as well as his or her ability to control the puck and backskate all in one motion.

Stay tuned for more videos on how to utilize your xPasser Give-N-Go with the Everything Hockey blog.

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