xPasser Give-N-Go: Stationary Passing

When young hockey players enter the game, they often question what the box is. Whether working with these young players or with seasoned veterans, coaches should look to the xPasser Give-N-Go for stationary passing drills within the box.

It’s the most common setup in the offensive zone (especially with inline hockey, which plays 4-on-4). If players can master moving the puck around the box, they will quickly begin picking up the other important passing areas of the game. Even with veteran players, bringing them back to basics with box passing drills will jog their memory of getting back to the important cores of the game.

The box drills have many different variations. However, we’ve add the xPasser Give-N-Go into the mix with the drill you can watch below.

It’s probably the easiest set up of all of our drills we’ve shown you; simply place the Give-N-Go in the center of the offensive zone (preferably in the high slot) with one of the non-passing ends facing the goal crease. All players up like they might for a four-man power-play drill; they should cycle the puck to each other, using the xPasser Give-N-Go in the middle. Think of the xPasser as a fifth teammate set up in the high slot.

This drill emphasizes the importance of proper positioning, while also encompassing the teamwork aspect of offensive pressure.

Coaches should keep an eye out on players’ creativity with passes; players should be saucer passing the puck across the xPasser, while delivering flat passes to the Give-N-Go so their teammates can receive the puck and pass in the same stride, if they so choose. Sloppy passes should result in the drill starting over. If the coach desires, shooting and one timers can also be implemented into this drill.

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