Top 5 xPasser Drills

The xPasser is the best training tool on the market. It’s easy for us to say that because we developed it, but it’s truly helped players become better passers, improved pass receivers and, yes, even made for improved one-timer capability.We designed the xPasser for the player wanting to always get more out of his or her game, and these drills will show you just that. Here are our favorites:

5. The Half-Ice 3-Pass Figure 8 Drill

This is a fast-paced figure 8 drill that requires players to keep their heads up (so they’re not skating into obstacles), while also requiring quick passing and pass reception. If done at the player’s highest speed, you will see multiple mistakes made throughout. That’s ok; it’s all a part of learning and improving. After a few tries, players should become accustomed to it and even begin feeling the game-like situation this truly emulates. Getting into this mindset should help players finish this drill in a timely fashion.

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4. Saucer Pass Improvement

Saucering a perfect pass is much different than teeing up a pass along the ice. As you can see, a great saucer pass involves movement of the entire blade. As our trainer states, “We need to start with the puck right on the heel of the blade. As we follow through, we actually open the face of the blade up. That’s what’s going to allow us to really feather those saucer passes.”

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3. Net-Front Play Improvement

Displayed by camp trainers Jamie Rivers and Sean Ferrell, this drill shows how the xPasser functions not only as a passing teammate, but a visible obstacle for the shooter to work around. Although it’s stationary, it gives the shooter the idea where a defenseman will likely be planted when he or she receives a pass in this area.

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2. Quick Feet + Quick Hands = More Goals

Obviously, you’ll need more than just an xPasser here. The xDeviator, as well as two additional xPassers are vital for this drill, but it definitely works every puck-moving skill a player needs. Notice how our player is pumping his legs throughout the drill. This is about speed, stick work and cornering. All of these components make up a hungry hockey player looking for the next goal.

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1. Protect the Puck at High Speeds

Our favorite drill utilizes the xPasser not only as a passer, but as obstacles. They function in the same way as cones in this drill, but they provide larger obstacles to skate around. This is important because, often, players will need to make a tight turn on a defenseman. The xPasser emulates more of a large body than a cone would, providing an in-game feel throughout the drill. The xPassers also help with the second drill variation, since you need a wide-hip turn. Going around a smaller obstacle, like a cone, could make the player feel the need to tip toe the turn, which isn’t advised in a real-game situation.

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As you can see, the xPasser is a versatile training aid that can improve your game (or your team’s game) in multiple facets. We’re always coming up with new drills in which to use our favorite aid, so stay tuned to our YouTube page, as well as the Everything Hockey blog.

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