Off-Ice Training Drills for Summer

When the summer hits, some players take time to rest and get away from the game a bit. Then, there are people who take the time to train harder and work on their personal hockey goals. For these people, summer hockey training is just a break in the season.

It’s time to lace up the cross-training shoes, grab the outdoor stick (or Hockey Wrap Around) and Green Biscuit, pick up the xPasser and xPasser 2.0 and hit the street. Lee Elias from shows you multiple drills to run out in the street (yes, the xPassers work just as well outside!). Watch the video to see these exciting drills you can run with a friend.

As you can see, the Hockey Achievements team got innovative with how to run drills in a parking lot (tennis courts and longer driveways work as well). Utilizing what we know of American football, Lee and Travis developed some summer hockey drills to work your vision, passing strength and accuracy. After watching these plays and a couple of NFL highlights, it’s easy to see where the motivation came from.

What you gain from attempting these drills:

  • Positioning. Whether the passer or the receiver, you learn how important body and stick position is when making and receiving passes.
  • Hockey vision (or football vision). Hockey is a game of knowing where your teammates are at all times, feeding passes to where players are going to be, not where they’re at. These drills help you learn this technique away from the rink, which will ultimately help you when you return to the ice.

As you see from the video, you’ll get a workout from running this drill, too. It’s a great way to keep your body in tune for hockey season without ever stepping foot into a rink.

Make sure to submit your videos to Lee and Travis for a chance to win a Hockey Wrap Around of your own!

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