xPasser Give-N-Go: Soft-Touch Pass & Handle

We’ve shown you a multitude of ways that the xPasser Give-N-Go can improve your next practice or camp. One important skill that the xPasser can work is the soft-touch pass, which is often overlooked as a vital skill to have.

Not just anyone can create a play with a soft-touch pass. It’s a skill that requires precision and the ability to move a puck without flipping it in the air. Sometimes, the best play is a small slide in a short distance or a drop between the legs to an incoming teammate.

Watch as we show you how the xPasser Give-N-Go can work this important skill.

It’s a drill that should allow players to catch on pretty quickly. Set up two lines of players across the red line and set up your xPasser Give-N-Goes across the line. Skating at about a 2-feet max from the red line, the players should move the puck along the line, keeping their legs pumping as much as possible throughout the process. With tires, cones or other xPassers set up along the blue lines, the players should then cross each barrier as he or she would in any other puck-handling drill.

The beauty of the xPassers is that two players can run this at a time, since the aid is double-sided.

Stay tuned as we will continue to show you how to utilize the xPasser Give-N-Go for practices and camps.

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