Summer Skills: Hockey vs. Floorball

If you’re looking to develop your hands for ice or inline hockey this offseason, trainer Lee Elias of has some excellent drills for you to recreate. If you’re looking for some ideal summer hockey training, floorball can help you move your game to the next level.

Using the xDeviators, which allow floorballs to easily slide underneath, and the Hockey Wrap Around, which lets you use your regular stick outdoors and on any surface, Elias shows you how to train to make quicker hands and improved stickhandling plays on the ice.

Of course, when attempting these drills, you need to begin slowly as you want to get a feel for each workout set. As you progress through the course, you’ll want to pick up your speed and attempt to complete as quickly as possible. The better your time, the better you will become at stickhandling on the ice or inline tile.

You’ll also want to keep your head up as much as possible as using your peripherals will make you a more complete player on the ice.

Drill 3 can easily be the most fun when you get a buddy involved. However, puck protection is vital when in a game, so make sure to take it seriously while having fun. Keep the elbows down and the feet moving in order to feel the full effect of this drill.

Stay tuned throughout the summer as Lee and Travis show you more summer hockey training drills.

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