What Hockey Gear Should I Get? Pick My Gear For Me!

This is a guest post from Hockey Achievements and Hockey Wrap Around creator, Lee Elias. Lee is a hockey trainer and long-time player in search of new hockey gear. 

I’ve been getting chirped about my gear for a while now…

“Why do you have two different gloves?”

“Why don’t you get your helmet fixes?”

“Why do you use outdated skates?”

All good questions! Truth is, until recently, I’ve been performing fine with the hockey gear I have and I’m not one to replace stuff until I need to. However, glove palms fade and skate boots wear thin and I want to make sure I keep my brain functioning long enough so I can play forever.

So, with all that said, I’m taking the advice and getting some new gear!

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I’ve never been much of a gear junkie, so I am turning to the two people I trust most — my friends that work at pro shops and YOU. There is so much talk of gear now-a-days that I figured I’d ask all of you what to get. You haven’t disappointed so far.

I also have been invited by my friends at the xHockeyProducts pro shops to visit their store in Bridgewater to get properly fitted for gear that will best suit my body and my game.

Before I keep blabbering about my situation, let me show you what I’m dealing with:

See what I mean now?

Let me know what gear you are using and why and then let me know what gear I should get. To sweeten the deal, we’re going to give away a $100 xHockeyProducts gift card to someone that submits. We will also be giving away a Hockey Wrap Around Ice model and t-shirt to two others.

As always, our community is built on rewarding your love for our game. Thanks for being great teammates!

To shop the entire xHockeyProducts store, click your link below:



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