The Vegas Golden Knights – It’s Becoming a Reality

One year ago, it seemed like the Vegas Golden Knights were a dream and that their inaugural season was far in the distance. Even just a couple months ago when the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins were slugging it out for the 2017 Stanley Cup title, the Knights didn’t even appear on our radar (except for the countless mock expansion drafts flooding the internet).

All of the hoopla, the jersey reveal, the player selection and rookie signings, almost seemed like it was for a team that would never actually take the ice. Fans were clamoring for the behind-the-scenes action, worrying about which players would be swiped from the other 30 teams, not actually thinking that a new team will be taking the ice in 2017-18 (relatively speaking). It was a realistic NHL 17 simulation.

However, we are under a week away from the Golden Knights’ first preseason game, a little over two weeks away from their first time on Vegas ice and under a month from their first regular season game. The time is now for a 31-team NHL season.

It almost seems surreal that the gambling capital of the world is about to host its first professional sports league game that actually counts. Although playoff hopes are dim for this season, it is days away from being a reality that Las Vegas could be the home to a Stanley Cup championship one day — imagine the celebration when that happens.

All of this became fact just a few days ago when starting goaltender and face of the franchise Marc-Andre Fleury posed in full gear for his new club. Sure, he, along with his teammates, has been seen wearing Vegas gear, but this was the first time a player fully suited up to show what the jerseys and overall team look will be.

Fleury’s pad design looks great alongside the Knights’ color scheme. He’ll be asked to do more than look good though, as his new squad is entering a difficult Pacific Division that features sharpshooters such as Max Domi, Johnny Gaudreau, Rickard Rakell, Tyler Toffoli and this guy in Edmonton who won the Hart Trophy last season at age 20 (Connor something)?

Stay tuned with xHockeyProducts as a full season preview for the Golden Knights will be coming your way in the next few weeks. The dream has now become a reality for Fleury and the southwestern club; it’s time to see what the Golden Knights can bring to the table.

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