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All the training in the world will never prepare a player for what could happen in a game. It’s why we love it so much; one shift is as unpredictable as the next. So how does this relate to finding ultimate gifts for your ultimate hockey player?

Let’s not forget one thing: hockey is fun. It’s fast, erratic and mind-numbingly difficult sometimes, but it’s absolutely the most thrilling and entertaining sport in the world. Players should have a good time while training their eyes and hands to keep up with the mercurial rigors of every contest.

The SuperDeker has received rave reviews for its ability to train the eye to react at a faster rate. This is a perfect training tool for hockey players of all ages for this reason, and it also makes for  hours of entertainment and healthy competition with oneself, as well as others.


The SuperDeker is a flat surface that emulates the slickness of ice. It is attached to a clock or timer that displays 45 seconds at the start time. The player is to use his or her own stick and stickhandle on the surface itself. Once the player crosses the line across the middle, an orange light (about the size of the puck) appears on the surface and the player is to stickhandle over the light. Once successful, the light disappears and reappears somewhere else on the platform. This process continues until the 45 seconds pass and the horn sounds, signifying the end of the round.


The score is then displayed and players are encouraged to mark down their times and beat it next time. Or, better yet, have a friend or family member challenge them and beat that time in the name of friendly competition.

We introduced the SuperDeker to a group of youngsters and let them try it out. The results were as expected, as the group instantly fell for the game and wanted to take their own version home. Watch the video below:

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You can see why we are so excited about the SuperDeker, that we have talked about it here and here.

Discover for yourself why the SuperDeker cracks the list of ultimate gifts this holiday season. It’s the perfect training tool and most entertaining hockey game all rolled into one.

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