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You’ve probably browsed through our Holiday Gift-Buying Guide, perusing through what you can buy the coach, goalie or adult-leaguer in your life. But what about a group of people who all love hockey? The hockey family is a tight-knit bunch who loves nothing more than getting on the rink, playing some puck and having a good time. What Christmas gifts do you purchase for your entire family that everyone will enjoy this holiday season?

We’ve compiled a list of hockey-related gifts for your entire hockey-crazy family.

Edge Again Skate Sharpeneredge_again-double-pro-player-kit-120

Stop going to the pro shop every fourth day — just do it at home! The hockey-playing family is always stopping in to sharpen their skates (if Jimmy doesn’t need a sharpening, Mary does).  Available in player (U.S. / Canada) and goalie (U.S. / Canada), the Edge Again Skate Sharpener will cut down on your skate-sharpening costs, while also providing a useful learning activity to young hockey players.

Edge Again also offers manual skate sharpeners (U.S. / Canada), which can make nice stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents.


Getting to the rink is not always an easy option; not only are you fighting rink time, but many people don’t have a rink within 10-20 minutes of where they live. You want a space for stickhandling, shooting and even skating.

Our xTiles are the best dryland training tiles on the market for a reason — their size and interlocking system creates the smoothest surface out there. They are simple to assemble and can withstand commercial training facility environments, meaning a few of your family members playing on it at the same time won’t be an issue.

We use xTiles in all of our training facilities for a reason: it’s the best we’ve found. Make it one of the most memorable Christmas gifts of all time!

18″ Dryland Tiles

If you would rather be on ice skates, the Dryland Tiles are an excellent alternative to the xTiles. These tiles are the slickest on the market, providing you with a real ice feel that you won’t find anywhere else.

Easy to assemble with a locking system, the Dryland Tiles are strong enough to support a vehicle, making it a great option for the garage. They are also lightweight and easy to store, in case you don’t want tiles out in the hockey area. As far as Christmas gifts go, these are a no-brainer for the hockey family!

xTarp Hockey Shooting Tarp

Although there are plenty of options for shooting tarps, the xTarp is our recommendation (and it’s not just because it’s our product made in the USA). Customized to fit a 7′ or 8′ area, the xTarp uses a variety of premium materials to provide you with a sturdy tarp that won’t see numerous holes created over time. The xTarp also includes bungee cords with purchase to cut down your costs.

If you are shopping around, though, we also recommend the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp (Canada). After hanging the tarp, you may want to go all-out and build permanent boards so you can really feel like you’re at the rink. Not surprisingly, xHockeyProducts has you covered for tarps & targets, goals & backstops, and even dasher board solutions.



As parents, you love games that happen to be educational and informative (cue the Kix Cereal slogan). The SuperDeker is the equivalent to this for the hockey family.

The SuperDeker is an exciting game that vastly improves your hand-eye coordination, while challenging your hockey skills. The best part — it’s fun for players and fans of all ages!

Need more proof that this is one of the great hockey Christmas gifts of all-time? Even the keeper of the Cup recommends this multi-player game:

“SuperDeker will score every time with fans, players and clients! Personally I think it is one of the best interactive games out there today. People of all ages, skill level or interest level will have a great time playing SuperDeker.”

– Phil Pritchard, Vice President and Curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame


christmas giftsYou’ve considered the flooring, the goal, the tarp and even an interactive stickhandling game; what about a portable tool that can be used to improve hand-eye coordination and stickhandling at the rink or at home? The xDeviator is a player favorite, as the aid can be set up in different patterns to really test even the best stickhandlers with every try.

Whether working basic stickhandling, deking, toe drags or dangles, the xDeviator is perfect for improving any player’s game. It fits in most hockey bags and is lightweight as well, making it a must-have for coaches and players alike.

Build a Backyard Rink

NiceRink Backyard Rink

It’s been a dream of every hockey parent and child at some point in their lives. It’s time to make it a reality.

Accompany this with the Dryland Tiles, and you have everything you need for the perfect backyard rink that will withstand even the warmest climates. Building a backyard rink seems like the most expensive thing you could do — what if I told you a mini rink could be done for about $1,000? That sounds a lot more affordable than you thought!

First, we recommend checking out the NiceRink starter kits and accessories; these are state-of-the-art items that make backyard rink-building a cinch!

The PROStall
The PROStall

An exciting part about building your own rink is making calls on the entire look and feel. Do you want boards? We recommend you check out the mini wall or a full pro wall. There are plenty of options to help you decide what fits you and your family best.

If you really want to go all out, consider some locker room additions to a bedroom, garage or storage area. The PROStall, made in Canada, provides you with a changing area that matches the comfort of any locker room in North America. Check out our post and video about PROHockey gear to learn more.

Everything that you’ll need to make this dream a reality can be found here. Truly, this is the best of the hockey Christmas gifts, as it will last your family a lifetime!

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