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Adult league hockey players could always use more hockey in their lives; you obviously know the type. They live and breathe the game and could always use more gifts to satisfy their adult league hockey craze. But what exactly are they looking for?

These weekend warriors would probably be happy with anything gifted to them hockey-related, but here are the xHockeyProducts team’s suggestions.

XHP Gift Card

Although our list is going to (hopefully) help narrow down exactly what to get that hockey enthusiast, a great option is always the XHP gift card! This allows the player to decide whether he or she prefers equipment over training aids, CCM over Bauer or elbow pads over shin guards! Keep the decision in their hands, or go through the rest of our guide and see our recommendations for adult league hockey players.


If you know exactly what the player in your life wants, feel free to browse the equipment section of the site. However, if you don’t see something that you think we should carry, give us a call at 1-888-393-2008 (extension 707) and we may actually still have it in stock. Also, our team is always willing to help you find something your player needs, even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for!

Here are our suggestions for the adult league hockey superstar in your life.

CCM Tacks Classic Pro+ Hockey Skates

These exclusive CCM skates combine top-end features of the top-of-the-line Super Tacks with a lower price point. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This is an extremely light and stiff skate that keeps players moving at their top speed. The quarter package keeps players safe from incoming shots and the TotalDri liner helps keep the skates clean from excess sweat. This is one of the best skates we carry at this price point.

Bauer Vapor 2017 XLTX Pro Skates

Using the base of the X600 skates, the XLTX Pro skates feature some advancements found in the next-up X800s, which include a quality LS2 runner and a lock-fit liner to keep the foot more comfortable during game play. These skates are extremely lightweight and check in at a remarkable $349.99 price point — you won’t find a more durable and reliable skate at that price.

STX Stallion HPR Hockey Stick

At the top of STX’s line is the Stallion HPR stick, which is highly durable, responsive and powerful all rolled into one. Weighing in at only 420 grams, the HPR stick provides players the ability to unload bombs without sacrificing the integrity throughout the shaft and blade. This is a stick that will last awhile, no matter the player’s skill level.

If the adult league hockey player you know hasn’t tried out an STX stick yet, now may be the time. Players have begun moving over and rarely have there been complaints.

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+ Griptac Hockey Stick

Based off the Supreme 180 stick, the Ignite Pro+ stick pulls in features from the higher-end brother, the Supreme 190. A perfect stick for any middle-of-the-pack hockey player, the Ignite Pro+ utilizes a reactive blade and a power taper that allows players to unload shots and thread the needle on passes with a balanced feel.

This is an excellent stick for people who want to buy for someone else; it has all the top-end features that forwards, defensemen, snipers and passers all look for in their twigs.

Protective Gear

Players always need gear — if not now, then in a few months. Maybe they’ve mentioned that their elbow pads are getting worn or the padding in their helmet is falling out. Maybe they haven’t said anything at all, but you know they haven’t bought shoulder pads in eight years.

Either way, our protective gear shop has everything you could need. If you know they are a Bauer player, the latest Supreme line allows players to move faster without worry of blocking shots or taking slashes along the way. If they’re a CCM player, the latest Tacks line has a 3D anatomical fit (making for excellent feel against the body’s natural curves) and is extremely lightweight, making for CCM’s best-fitting pad yet.

For help picking out the right gear, give us a call! We’d be happy to help. You can reach us at 1-888-393-2008 (extension 707).

xTargets & Hockey Goals

Your adult leaguer probably wants something to shoot at, right? Check out the wide selection of hockey goals we offer, including the EZ Goal Pro Folding Goal, which is collapsible, making it ideal for storage. If your adult leaguer wants a regulation NHL goal, you can gift him or her that, as well.

We also have numerous options for tarps and targets, but the favorite option is the xTargets package. These are easily hung across the goal, allowing the shooter to choose where he or she is going to aim. This brings a new element to shooting for the corners, as players can hit exact spots and not just the same four spots every time he or she shoots.

Goal Light XR

Hockey fans all love the sound of a goal horn — even if their league doesn’t blast one when a goal is scored. Let them hear the horn any time they like with the Goal Light XR!

Featuring a wireless puck remote that works through walls, the Goal Light XR allows hockey fans to choose from 30 NHL goal horns to match their team’s unique sound. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who loves the game.

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