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Whether a player or family member of a coach, you’re likely racking your brain trying to come up with a unique gift. Finding gifts for coaches doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think; we at xHockeyProducts not only work with coaches, but many of us are coaches ourselves.

Here are some ideas. If none of these seem to work for what the coach in your life needs, it should at least steer you in the right direction.

gifts for coachesDry-Erase Suction Cup Board — 15″ x 24″

Every coach needs to show his team the proper breakout and offensive-zone techniques, not to mention mapping out drills for practices. Coaches want something they can keep nearly forever, without worry of marks being left and the board faltering over time. The Hockey Dry Erase Coach Board uses deep-socket suction cups for long-lasting suction, while the board itself is made with a specialized, heat-pressed rigid Masonite material with a clear-coated rink graphic.

This board is easy to write and wipe away without worry of the rink graphic pulling away, making it the perfect tool for any coach.

For a cost-effective alternative, check out the 9″ x  15″ version.


No need to carry around multiple tools for all the repairs to every piece of equipment the coach may need to work on.

The HockeyTUL includes five fold-out tools to help maintain gear properly. This includes a sharpening stone, helmet repair, lace tightener, pliers for pulling frayed laces through eyelets, scissors for tape, bottle opener and a carrying case.

This is safe for players of all ages, as there are no blades and the scissors are rounded at the edges.

Edge Again Skate Sharpener (Player or Goalie)

Are there better hockey Christmas gifts than the practical ones? Coach probably won’t expect it this Christmas morning, but he or she will sure be glad to see this powerful tool sitting on the bench. Whether using the player or goalie version, the Edge Again Skate Sharpener becomes the ultimate trainer for any team.

The Edge Again Skate Sharpener will cut down on everyone’s skate-sharpening costs, while also providing a useful learning activity to young hockey players.

Edge Again also offers manual skate sharpeners, which can double as nice stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents.

Puck Catcher

Nobody likes gathering the pucks after warm-ups or practice (you can’t always make the rookie do it). The answer to this is the Puck Catcher.

The easiest way to catch and gather pucks, the Puck Catcher helps develop soft hands and tape-to-tape passing ability thanks to its unique flip-up ramp. Anything to put more of the onus on the players and take a duty off the coach’s hands is always a solid idea for the bench boss! Gifts for coaches should allow them to work less, should it not?

At xHockeyProducts, we offer packages for you to buy a few pucks along with the Puck Catcher for a great bundle! Don’t forget to choose some biscuits to go along with the coach’s new tool when ordering.

Pucker Up

Another useful tool for picking up pucks — Pucker Up!

The Pucker Up sucks the pucks up from the ice and stores them until the next time you want to use them. It makes picking up after practice a breeze and is light and small enough to easily carry to and from the rink.

The Pucker Up holds up to 25 pucks.

xGoalie Shooter Tutor

xgoalie shooter tutorEvery coach knows there are more than just five holes on a goalie. Most shooter tutors only allow for the five (as well as the ones that slide along the ice and sneak past the plastic tarp material). The xGoalie Shooter Tutor is a little more advanced than what you probably see at training sessions at your home rink.

Built with heavy-duty Armor Weave Polyester, the xGoalie includes specialized PVC rubber backing and reinforced binding around all openings and edges, stopping pucks from just sliding past. The extra two holes — often called the six and seven holes — teach players to shoot for the opening, rather than just looking for a bar-and-in shot.

Easily transportable, even in a coach’s bag, the xGoalie Shooter Tutor not only fits our gifts for coaches theme, but also for entire hockey teams!

xDeviator 4.0

A vital part to a player of any playing level is understanding proper stickhandling techniques and keeping his or her head up. The xDeviator 4.0 is the perfect tool for this aspect of the game, creating a physical obstacle for players to work through. It allows for speeds of all kinds, forcing players to want to work faster on each attempt.

You can see why coach Jamie Rivers uses it in many of his training programs. It’s why it’s a top pick in gifts for coaches.

xPasser Dual Skills Package

The xPasser and xPasser 2.0 have become elite tools for coaches at every level. They are a staple of xHockeyProducts and help us explain why we do what we do: help players become better athletes on and off the ice.

xPassers enhance vision, precision and creativity. They are durable and are relied upon by coaches across the world.

Watch as NHL superstar Evgeni Malkin utilizes the xPasser on the ice.

Practices just got more intense and creative for the coaching staff.

xPasser Give-N-Go On-Ice Bundle

If you’re really wanting find exciting gifts for coaches this season, the On-Ice Bundle has everything he or she will need to bring practice into this century. The xPasser Give-N-Go is a top-end training aid that can be utilized for precision drills in any practice. This bundle allows coaches to place them all across the ice in any fashion he or she desires, creating the ultimate course for players to work through.

Check out this compilation of drills we’ve created with this bundle.

If you’re not quite ready to spend as much as is needed for the bundle, you can purchase them individually or as a combo.

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