Ultimate Gifts: Gretzky Floor Hockey

The ultimate hockey Christmas gift is difficult to find. What if you could buy the hockey player in your life the ability to train like The Great One? It sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

Peter Ing, Wayne Gretzky, Bryce Salvador
Peter Ing, Wayne Gretzky, Bryce Salvador

The disclaimer here is that no one will ever be Wayne Gretzky — it’s a harsh realization. Even at 55-years-old, Gretzky is still doing things on the rink no one ever thinks about (how about a pass to Paul Coffey that he orchestrated while looking through the glass during the Winnipeg Jets – Edmonton Oilers alumni game?).

However, The Great One wouldn’t just slap his name on any product. If it carries the weight of Gretzky, you can take solace in the fact that the product is as reliable as the NHL’s most decorated player.

Gretzky floor hockey and floorball sticks are made from 100 percent composite fiberglass, allowing you to use the sticks as you would with your ice sticks because you can trust they can handle the rigors of the game. You’ll also notice an unmatched flex within Gretzky sticks, again providing you with an on-ice feel.

gretzky-stick-1Training For The Ice

Floorball is a great training exercise off the rink and it only strengthens your training regime when emulated to match how you play ice hockey.

As you’ve already read, Gretzky sticks bring the ice game to you.

The stick’s blade, known as the xBlade, is the most versatile blade on the market. Engineered with smaller cavities, the xBlade maximizes a player’s ability to stickhandle by enhancing ball control and allowing for pinpoint passing accuracy.

The stick’s durability and powerful blade isn’t where the on-ice feel ends, though. Gretzky floorball sticks are created with premium grip material.

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t3_gripThe T3 Grip is standard for all Gretzky sticks. Friction and breathability are focuses of the T3, which helps your hands feel as comfortable as possible.

Available in the 101 cm and 98 cm sticks is the Double Grip System. The top grip is wrapped using high-quality T3 Grip wrap and the lower part of the stick is wrapped using a smooth and tacky one-piece grip for the best possible feel.

The Wrap Grip, found on the GHS 87 cm and the 75 cm sticks, features the T3 Grip coating. This treatment ensures the best possible grip to provide you with an unmatched feel.

The Pros Agree

You’re probably wondering who exactly is telling you that this is a great hockey Christmas gift. After all, my highest level of hockey came in summer 2015 when I faced off with Brandon Bollig in a St. Louis floorball league.

If you still don’t believe that the Gretzky floor hockey collection is a wonderful hockey trainer (as well as a provider of entertainment), take it from former pros and avid hockey trainers Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing.

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Exclusively sold at xHockeyProducts, the Gretzky floorball and floor hockey collection provides hours of entertainment, as well as an outlet for the players looking to train but don’t live at an ice rink.

Gretzky floor hockey sticks can make you the hero, or The Great One, when the hockey player in your life opens up his or her hockey Christmas gift this year.


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