Want to Shoot Like an All-Star?

If you watched the NHL All-Star Skills Competition during All-Star Weekend, you saw players trying to beat the clock and knock out five targets — the four corners and one in the five-hole area. Surprising to everyone but Vancouver Canucks fans, Brock Boeser took the event with five targets down in 11.136 seconds with some truly impressive accuracy shooting skills.

Target shooting is a timeless event completed by players of all ages and skill levels (we’ve all heard the Sidney Crosby shooting into the dryer stories). The test of a true sniper, though, isn’t just hitting a target; it’s being able to rip accurate shots in a timely manner. Defensemen don’t give you a lot of time and space.

The Accu-Net from xHockeyProducts allows you to time yourself while hitting the five targets, improving your wrist speed and your timing while working the core of the drill: accuracy shooting.

Check out Bryce Salvador’s near-impeccable time and how easy it is to use the Accu-Net in your training facility or home.

The Accu-Net may not turn you into Boesser, but it will definitely keep you motivated to beat your best score every time you attempt the drill.

Although the Accu-Net is great for training, it’s just as important to use it for bragging rights. Line up your teammates and show them how it’s done.

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