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When you’re skating into the zone, you’ll want to be able to quickly react and weave in and out as needed. It’s vital to have quick outside and inside edges on your skates, making you a truly versatile puck mover.

Being able to move fluidly with the puck isn’t something anyone is born with; it’s a skill that is acquired through hard work, and determination. This is one of the many skills we train at xHockey Performance in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Taken from our summer 2017 program, the following video displays some of the work our players do in one of our camps.

With xHockey Performance training programs (which can be seen here), players are taught to strengthen the core aspects of the game, including skating, puckhandling, shooting, passing and pass reception, but coach Bryce Salvador and his team focus on training elements, as well. This includes cognition, reaction, sports vision and multi-tasking, among other things.

xHockey Performance uses all of the cutting-edge tools created by xHockeyProducts, a leader in training aid development (just ask the NHL, who uses XHP aids in a lot of their skill videos and All-Star weekend events).

When you train with the xHockey Performance crew, you’ll not only be improving your game, but improving your mindset when on the ice and training, making you a more motivated player.

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