SuperDeker’s Creators Discuss the Creation of the Trainer

The SuperDeker is a top-selling hockey product for more than just one reason. Not only is it the most interactive and enjoyable hockey trainer you’ll find, it’s lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere you desire.

When you are wanting to practice for real-game situations, what better way than train in 45-second increments? It’s the average shift length at almost every level and it’s the exact amount of time it takes to complete one round of the SuperDeker.

On this blog alone, we have emphasized this training aid’s ability to make you a better hockey player, but check out the video below to learn how the SuperDeker helps you not just beat your best time, but become the best you can be.

As you can see, the SuperDeker was masterfully crafted by a hockey player and a technology expert, picking up on key aspects of stickhandling to provide people with a comprehensive trainer. The creators went through many versions (did you see that massive-sized trainer with the ball and the multiple dots?) before landing on what they believe to be the most prolific version they could possibly construct.

One key that the co-creators found was having the puck and surface mirror that of an ice hockey rink. This provides players with a more realistic feel that will translate more appropriately to the game itself, rather than just being a fun way to exercise your hand speed and motion.

The beauty of the SuperDeker is that it isn’t just made for a tike just starting out, nor is it for the NHL player who wants to push his hand speed. It’s made for everyone in between, as well, allowing players to push themselves to be better stickhandlers at every level. It’s a trainer that pushes players of all ages to improve and help them move up to the next level, if they so desire.

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