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JAG Physical Therapy, located across New Jersey, has teamed up with xHockeyProducts to bring hockey players knowledge about how to recover quicker and stay healthier on and off the ice. Working alongside Bryce Salvador, president of xHockeyProducts, John Gallucci Jr. and his team help hockey players be the healthiest they can be.

By staying tuned to the xHockeyProducts YouTube page, as well as the Everything Hockey blog, you’ll receive plenty of health tips specifically geared toward hockey players. Check out Bryce’s and John’s introduction to the health safety series here.

Gallucci Jr., a specialist in physical therapy, and Salvador, a former NHL captain, have seen every type of injury and recovery method one can imagine. With their years of experience combined, they will introduce you to methods you may not be familiar with. This includes proper icing methods, stretching techniques, and off-ice workouts that will keep you treated to get you back on the rink as quickly as possible. Many of these methods are excellent preventative measures, too, allowing you to feel the best you can feel every time you take the ice.

If you’re interested in JAG Physical Therapy and their methods, Gallucci Jr. offers up the following:

We treat every patient just as a professional athlete or a VIP should be treated. Based on experiences with high-end athletes, we believe that everyone should be treated in the same fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-million dollar baseball player or a painter trying to get up and down a ladder without pain, everyone deserves the same treatment.

I tell my physical therapists that they should treat a person exactly how they’d wish to be treated personally. I want them to treat every individual as if they were treating their own mother or father.

We take patients based on their goals and their needs and bring them back 110%, whether that’s walking several miles a day, kicking a ball as a professional soccer player, or climbing up and down a ladder for work.

When we hire our clinicians, we make sure that they’re social and can carry a great conversation, but can also work well with our patients, because we want interaction. We want to hear from our patients constantly throughout the entire process.

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