For the Hockey Dads on Father’s Day

When you’re looking for a house, you speak to a realtor, right? When buying a new television, you hope to work with an informed electronics individual who can help you find the perfect t.v. for your needs. It shouldn’t be any different when you’re shopping for hockey dads.

At xHockeyProducts, we are hockey dads! We know exactly what we like, what makes us tick, and what we need in June for a perfect Father’s Day present. If you’re reading this, and you have no idea what to get the hockey dads in your life this year, you won’t be disappointed.

Below, you’ll find the perfect set of gifts for dads picked by dads. Every gift on this list is speaking from experience.

Autographed Memorabilia

bobby orr

Maybe your dad prefers the old school guys like Bobby Orr. Maybe he likes 1990s guys, like Peter Forsberg. Or maybe he’s just a big Auston Matthews fan. No matter the era, the XHP Hockey Fan Shop has autographed memorabilia to fit his needs! Check out our wide selection of autographed pucks, pictures and jerseys for the hockey nut in your life.

HockeyTUL Deluxe Multi-Tool

Every dad wants a beverage opener handy. Now, instead of just opening that cool drink, hockey dads can fix … well, everything. Blades, visors, helmets, laces and all hockey-related equipment issues can be fixed with the HockeyTUL, a small swiss army knife-esque gadget that dads can keep in their pocket during all games.

Hockey Coaching Board Clipboard

If dad is a coach, chances are he’s always looking for a hockey-related clipboard. With a full ice sheet laid out, the coaching clipboard is a nice tool to have for any coach wanting to draw up plays on the go.

Grit Wheeled Hockey Bags

Hockey dads… the days of lugging multiple bags of gear around on your shoulders are over! Transport your young players’ equipment with ease… or better yet, they can roll this wheeled bag themselves!

Mold Monster

Summertime drives to and from the rink may even be worse than in the winters. The heat really knows how to make that smell permeate through the car. With Mold Monster, hockey dads can spray down their equipment (or the kids’ equipment) in a safe and reliable manner to make the drive that much more bearable.

xHockeyProducts™ Charger

Dad’s phone is always dying quickly, isn’t it? Upgrade his on-the-go abilities with a portable charger from xHockeyProducts. Able to connect to any smartphone, the charger is an excellent tool for hockey road trips or those long hockey tournaments where finding an outlet is easier said than done.

Hat Trick BBQ Set

No more riding the bench with your barbecue skills. Get dad some grilling utensils that really speak to him this summer and let him feel the burgers the way he feels the puck.

hat trick bbq

Foam Roller

foam rollers

Whether driving a car full of teenagers to the next game or sitting on the Greyhound with the entire team, hockey dads can get a lot of back stress due to the long hours in the car or on the bleachers. Foam rollers are a perfect tool for parents to utilize to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Check out why foam rollers are a nice addition to any athlete’s inventory.

BioSteel Nutrition

Whether dad is playing, watching or coaching, he often needs a pick-me-up on those hockey weekends. For the active dad, BioSteel has a plethora of nutritional products to help keep those energy levels up. Whether dad wants a blend of powders to mix into his water, a much-needed protein shake or a nutritional bar to stay alert, BioSteel has him covered.

Hockey WrapAround ICE

A lightweight plastic wrap allows dad to use his favorite on-ice hockey stick off the ice without causing damage to the stick blade. Specifically formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility the Hockey WrapAround ICE allows you to train anywhere including on rough surfaces!

xHockeyProducts Folding Mini Goal

xhp mini goal

No need to lug a net around for mini games anymore. The XHP folding mini goal is collapsible, allowing parents to transport the net with ease and store within virtually any space. Next time you’re shooting around with mini sticks or a foam puck, the goal won’t be a hassle to take in from the side of the garage.

XHP Floor Hockey / Floorball Stick

Develop dad’s off-ice hockey skills with our custom xHockeyProducts Floor Hockey Stick! The XHP Stick is a superior off-ice hockey skills training product to help develop quicker hands and supplement any off-ice training regimen.

Check out our post about the Gretzky Floor Hockey Sticks for another great gift idea.

xhp stick

Official NHL Goal

If you’re really wanting to blow dad out of the water this Father’s Day, grab your siblings and tell them to go in with you on an official NHL goal. This steel-tubed goal will never buckle at his booming slap shots and will always provide him with the ability to shoot at what he sees in his men’s league games.


Any shooter knows there are more than five areas to beat a goalie; there are at least seven! The xTarp allows shooters to practice aim all over a standard goalie. The xTarp, recently reduced in price by $50, fits all regulation goals.


xHockeyProducts Gift Certificate

We get it; dads (and hockey players) can be difficult to shop for. Select an XHP gift card and at checkout, add any amount to it and let dad choose his own gift on Father’s Day!

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