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They put hockey over family, work and other recreational activities (sometimes). The weekend warriors and weeknight grinders put hockey on a pedestal all itself, wanting to get as much of the game in as they can. So what are some great gifts for adult leaguers? It’s a tough question, especially if you’re unsure of their skill level.

Still. we have compiled a list of items to consider for that adult league superstar in your life.

XHP Gift Card

Although our list is going to (hopefully) help narrow down exactly what to get that hockey enthusiast, a great option is always the XHP gift card! This allows the player to decide whether he or she prefers equipment over training aids, CCM over Bauer or elbow pads over shin guards! Keep the decision in their hands, or go through the rest of our guide and see our recommendations for adult league hockey players.


If you know exactly what the player in your life wants, feel free to browse the equipment section of the site. However, if you don’t see something that you think we should carry, give us a call at 1-888-393-2008 (extension 3) and we may actually still have it in stock. Also, our team is always willing to help you find something your player needs, even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for!

Here are our suggestions for the adult league hockey superstar in your life.

ccm tacks classic pro+Skates

CCM Tacks Classic Pro+ Hockey Skates

Another SMU item we recommend (find out what that means here), the CCM Tacks Classic Pro+ skates feature many of the great aspects of the top-of-the-line AS1, but comes in considerably cheaper at $399.99 (senior). It includes Tritech Flex 10mm tongue with built-in lace-bite protection, a SpeedBlade Black steel and a 3D Lasted quarter package that applies a super locked-in feel. Basically, many assets from a top skate are moved down into a mid-level skate boot, allowing players to get that best feel for the ice at a much lower cost.

Another option is the Tacks Classic Pro, which is just a step down from the Classic Pro+. These provide low- to mid-level players with middle-of-the-pack features.

bauer supreme ignite pro+Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+ Skates

The top-of-the-line Supreme 2S Pro includes Comfort Edge across the top collar of the quarter package, providing a long-lasting comfort. It also features a wear patch within the liner, which helps with the overall comfort of the foot, especially for those that like their skates as tight as possible. Well, Bauer knows how important features like this are to players, so they included it in the Ignite Pro+, which is just a tiny step down from the 2S Pros.

If you’re balking at the $599.99 price point, try the Supreme Ignite Pro skates, or the Supreme Ignite skates, which come in at a much lower price and still feature plenty of advancements from the higher-end skates.


Warrior Covert Snipe Pro Stick

Also a SMU item, the Covert Snipe Pro includes a wicked release and pinpoint accuracy in what is a mid-level priced stick at $119.99 ($99.99 for the junior). The technology found within this stick would normally make it around $200, but thanks to the core of the stick being mid range, with added features throughout, the price is able to be brought down.

Whether the player you are buying for fancies him or herself a beginner or a pro, the Warrior Covert Snipe Pro is a powerful buy thanks to its durable construction, quick release and lightweight feel.

CCM JetSpeed Sticks

ccm jetspeed

Every player wants a blistering shot, whether it’s from the point or the slot. Add in some crazy accuracy, and players find that the JetSpeed sticks rival any other stick family available today. Thanks largely to JetStream shaft technology, the JetSpeed bend allows for stored energy to truly load properly and deliver a shot that is not only powerful, but extremely accurate.

JetSpeed sticks range from $249.99 to $54.99. Link above displays all CCM sticks, for your convenience.

jonathan toews skatesProtective Gear

Again, your best options here may very well be SMU items, which give you the best bang for your buck. Consider the Bauer Vapor XLTX Pro+ line, which features top-end protection and very high-end comfort. With a base of the second-in-line X900 Lite, features from the top-of-the-line 1X Lite are included for what will feel like the best and most comfortable protection the player can get!


For help picking out the right gear, give us a call! We’d be happy to help. You can reach us at 1-888-393-2008 (extension 3).

xTargets & Hockey Goals

Your adult leaguer probably wants something to shoot at, right? Check out the wide selection of hockey goals we offer, including the EZ Goal with Backstop Rebounder & Targets, which is stops the hassle of chasing down pucks. If your adult leaguer wants a regulation NHL goal, you can gift him or her that, as well.

We also have numerous options for tarps and targets, but the favorite option is the xTargets package. These are easily hung across the goal, allowing the shooter to choose where he or she is going to aim. This brings a new element to shooting for the corners, as players can hit exact spots and not just the same four spots every time he or she shoots.

Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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