Gifts for Intermediate-Level Hockey Players

So you have a hockey player in your life who has the ability to skate, score or play defense. They don’t need anything to get started, yet they aren’t pros (yet) either. What do you mean them? Whether you’re looking for gifts for bantam players or mid-level players of any age, take a look at our buying guide to find exactly what you need this holiday season.

xPasser Dual Pro

xpasser dual pro

Does your player need the puck slingshot back when passing, or does he or she prefer it to come back at the same pace he or she originally passed it? With the xPasser Dual Pro, you won’t have to guess what they prefer.

On one end, the puck hits a rubber material to quickly get the puck back to the player, which helps work on pass reception and angling on passes as one has to be ready for a quick return (great for one-timer training). On the other end, the puck deadens a bit, allowing the player to receive the pass at a normal speed, getting him or her ready for real-game passing and puck retrieval at high speeds.

Basically, the xPasser Dual Pro trains both amateurs and pros on all aspects of passing.

The xPasser is also available in a one-sided version (xPasser 1.0), and a two-sided version (xPasser 2.0) for the quick-return passing.

New Gear

Warrior Covert Snipe Pro Stick

snipe pro

The top-end Covert QRE is a favorite among players … but not for parents or gift-buyers. Quite honestly, for what the QRE provides at its price point, it delivers perfectly. However, gift buyers may not want to reach that level. How about a stick that features many of the same attributes, but comes in at a lower price? I can tell you’re listening now.

The Covert Snipe Pro is a SMU stick (which we covered in our top gifts post). Exclusive to xHockeyProducts, the Snipe Pro brings players an Edge Quick Release, allowing for balance from top to bottom unlike any other. Players have reported an excellent energy transfer, allowing them to unload shots with precision and tenacity.

This is a durable stick as well, providing players with plenty of game play before any breakage. As far as sticks go, the Snipe Pro is one of the best we offer.

bauer nexus freeze pro skates
Hydra Max Liner

Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro Skates

Like the Warrior Covert Snipe Pro, the Nexus Freeze Pro skates are SMU items, meaning that these are also exclusive to xHockeyProducts. These skates provide you with features from the higher-end skates in the Nexus line, while keeping the price lower (perfect for gift buyers, right?).

People looking for gifts for bantam players and other mid-range players will love the price point here ($399.99 senior, $299.99 junior), while the player will love the Black LS3 steel that provides excellent cornering and even better speed. Borrowed from the top-of-the-line 2N skate, the Hydra Max liner wicks away moisture relentlessly, while maintaining a high comfort level.

CCM JetSpeed Gloves

jetspeed gloves

JetSpeed gloves come in at multiple price points, thanks to CCM accommodating the needs of every household income. How advanced is your player? What kind of game does he or she play? If your player knows how to dangle the league, the recommendation is easy: go for the CCM JetSpeed FT1s. These are some of the smoothest gloves you’ll find on the market, with a palm that truly feels as if only air separates the hand and the stick. They are lightweight and highly protective.

Check out the SMU version of these gloves, too, for high- to mid-level players. The JetSpeed Xtra Pro gloves feature many of the same highlights as the FT1, While featuring the same great look, the Xtra Pros feature an anatomical cuff for a free range of movement, as well as a Black Sublimated liner for extreme comfort.

Neck Guards & Base Layer

Neck Guards are a nice addition to players of all levels. Why not ensure you are most protected in one of the most vulnerable spots on the body? Check out the Winnwell neck guards that start at just $13.99.

Other protective apparel and base layer help protect all areas of the body, as well as provide comfort on the ice. Any apparel for players to wear to remain comfortable make perfect gifts for bantam players, as well as players of all levels.



As players progress in their hockey careers, they learn to shoot for corners and posts in warmups and practice. This is an age-old ritual that current professionals use to this day.

However, players need to prepare themselves to shoot for every area in the net. Sometimes, a goalie is down and out and each post is covered by defensemen. The player with the puck will elect to shoot for just under the top bar. Although shooting for corners in practice will prepare for accuracy in this situation, providing the player with the opportunity to hit a target in any spot will better train his or her eye to find the open area and finish the play victorious.

Each pack comes complete with three xTargets that can be placed anywhere along the top bar.

Hockey Bags and Backpacks

GRIT Flex Hockey Tower Bag

Outside of skates, pads and a stick, what’s the one thing a player needs? Something to hold everything in, of course! At xHockeyProducts, we have a great selection of bags to choose from. Some players prefer the wheel bags for easy mobility, while others prefer to carry their bags along their shoulder(s). Wheeled, backpack and over-the-shoulder bags are yours for the choosing.

If you do plan for this to be one of your hockey gifts for the player in your life, we recommend talking with them (or their parents/guardians) about what they would prefer. Of course, if you buy from xHockeyProducts, we do offer free return shipping, but this will help make that surprise extra special when they open their new bag!

Our recommendations:

Wheeled bagGRIT Flex Hockey Tower Bag — excellent size that works like a locker. Store items throughout the bag without bunching and it is insulated for cleaner equipment. Can function as a carry bag, as well.

Carry bagCCM RBZ 80 Hockey Bag — Abrasion resistant and a comfort handle, the RBZ 80 features a large main compartment for a classic-style bag.

hockey giftsxTiles Slideboard

Finding the time to work on skating is always an issue for hockey players. You can’t find ice time that works into your schedule and, especially during the week, life gets in the way of driving to and from the closest ice rink. For some people, a rink simply isn’t close enough to go to on a daily basis.

The xTiles Slideboard fixes this dilemma.

Simply place the Slideboard on the floor, strap on the xSlideboard Booties and go to work. One of our favorite hockey gifts, the xSlideboard allows players to develop quicker feet and improved endurance from their home.

Another beauty with the xSlideboard is the ability to adjust it from 4 feet to 10 feet, helping produce longer strides and allowing players to continue to use it as they grow.

hockey-wraparound-iceHockey WrapAround

Kids, and even some adults, always want to use their favorite stick when they play street or inline hockey. However, as someone who went through wood stick after wood stick growing up, I can’t even begin to tell you how harmful this is to those $150 composite sticks.

Luckily, there is a solution.

The creators of Hockey WrapAround ICE have been through the motions themselves; street hockey, whether for entertainment or off-ice training, can be hazardous to a player’s favorite stick. WrapAround actually wraps the blade of the stick, making it playable on any surface!

The plastic wraps surround the blade, but do not cover the center, leaving it open for an on-ice feel when the player handles, shoots and passes the puck. This durable plastic tapers to fit any model stick and is extremely lightweight (weighing in around 39 grams).

Think about this, parents: for $29.95, you are prolonging a stick’s life, meaning you’ll be spending less throughout the years!

Trion Skate Weight

Although the xTiles Slideboard will allow you to work on your skating from anywhere, the Trion Skate Weight allows you to work on your strides on the rink to improve your speed and leg strength. These weights anchor onto your skates and force you to pump your legs more when practicing or hitting the rink for a free skate.

The Trion Skate Weight features three separate weights to allow for multiple loads, allowing the player to choose how much weight he or she can handle. The assembly is simple, too, as no tools are required to attach to the skates.

Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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