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Goalies aren’t strange — they’re unique. That mantra that has followed goalies around bleeds into gift-buying occasions, such as the holiday season. Finding the right gifts for ice hockey goalies — or inline goalies, for that matter — can be tricky, but we have developed a guide to help you in your holiday season journey in buying for netminders.

Of course, the typical apparel, whether it be base layer or jerseys, is always a fine option, but what if that just simply isn’t enough? Here are some options that you can find at that will help you find the perfect gift, and save while doing it.

Goalie Reaction Ball

Also an excellent option as a stocking stuffer for a netminder, the goalie reaction ball takes training to a new level. There’s nothing more important to a goalie than hand-eye coordination and working on quick movements; this reaction ball works both of these attributes at the same time.

All the goalie has to do is attach the ball to his or her belt or wrist and throw it. The goalie then tracks the ball into his or her hand, glove or body. Inertia plays a major factor here, as the faster the player throws the ball, the quicker it will return. Reaction time is continuously tested and improved with repetition!

goalies anchor pegsAnchor Pegs

If the goalie in your life hits pickup and drop-in skates, chances are they have taken the rink without the anchor pegs needed to play. Oftentimes, rinks leave them behind on accident and pickup action has to wait until the zamboni driver goes and gets them. Rather than face this, goalies could always bring a spare set so they are ready to rock the minute they take the rink!

xHockeyProducts carries multiple types of anchor pegs to fit all regulation nets. The multi-colored Marsh Pegs  (pictured right) are used by the NHL and allow the net to move slightly when jostled, stymieing potential injuries to players. The lower-priced Zinc Goal Frame Anchors fit 2 inch and NHL regulation goal posts and are great for those quick fixes to get the net to stay on the ice.

Edge ProTech Post Guard

Another problem goalies often face are edge problems caused by going post-to-post in practice or warmups. Edge ProTech has a solution for netminders who face this issue: post guards that sit toward the bottom of the net. These rubberized blade protectors attach to any regulation hockey goal and protects goalies’ blades (as well as skaters who may crash into the net) from the harmful posts during practice and warmups.

These also help the goals fight against nicks and scrapes from blades and pucks, improving the life cycle.

HYPERICE Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device

Goalies get stiff and sore after games and practices, especially on back-to-back occasions. HYPERICE is a personal massage tool that provides hours of relief long after a grueling game or practice for goalies, players and coaches.

The Hypervolt promotes blood circulation and improves overall range of motion, allowing players of all levels to feel more comfortable on the ice. It’s extremely lightweight, allowing even younger players the ability to use it on the back and shoulders without assistance. The multiple head attachments make the Hypervolt a versatile bringer of relief to all parts of the body.

Hockey Vision Training Pucks

Hockey Vision pucks were originally created to help skaters learn the finer points of stickhandling. However, these are excellent for goalies to work on vision, as well.

The three levels of training that come with the Hockey Vision pucks are separated by the black area of the puck. It starts with a larger black area, seeming more like a standard puck. The second level shrinks the black area and the third level is almost all white with a black dot in the middle. This is designed to teach the player’s eye to stay out of the equation when stickhandling, and forces him or her to feel the puck, which will cut down on puck-watching.

However, as players began using these pucks off the ice and on synthetic ice, goalies noticed how difficult the puck would be to stop. As you can see, Hockey Vision pucks not only feature the black area on top, but also on the sides. This makes it a multi-functional tool for training both skaters and goalies.

Netminders are trained to watch the puck fly off the stick and feel it hit their pads, rather than finding the puck mid-shot and watching it into their glove or leg pads.

Hockey Vision pucks are also available for purchase at each training level, allowing you to pick between one, two or three of these when selecting multiple gifts for goalies.

Junior (Level 1)
Senior (Level 2)
Pro (Level 3)

Edge Again – Goalie

It just may be the most useful tool on the bench. If you’re a player, or know one, you know how annoying it is when you can’t get your edge back during a game or practice. For goalies, it’s going post-to-post and you lose an edge. Instead of heading down the runway and taking time out of the game, goalies can glide to the bench and use the Edge Again to rework the blade to their liking — no need to leave the game!

It’s an easy-to-use tool that is quickly becoming a must-have for goalies around the world. At just a $160 price point, it’s a relatively low-price gift that will continue to be useful for years to come

Interior of the Grit GT3 Goalie Bag
Interior of the Grit GT3 Goalie Bag

A New Goalie Bag

Although there are options out there, we have a solid recommendation for you: the Grit GT3 Sumo Goalie Hockey Tower Bag. Standing as a locker in front of the goalie as he or she is changing, this Grit bag ventilates as it stands (the back panels allow moisture to wick away in between games), while the wheels make for easy transport. Interior shelves line the bag, allowing for proper storage and the ability to spot gear without digging through everything to find exactly what is needed.

It also has an extremely handy pull handle that retracts when not in use. This allows for proper room between the player and the bag when dragging behind to enter or exit the rink.


goalies rollerfly

If you’ve ever played goalie during an inline game or in the street, you know how difficult the position is without the sliding ease of the ice underneath you. In fact, there’s no sliding at all!

This is largely the reason most ice hockey goaltenders do not enjoy playing inline. It’s like an entirely new position to them, as all of their techniques when in the butterfly position have to be completely abandoned.

Rollerfly has revolutionized this long-time issue. State-of-the-art plates with mini ball bearings inside can be strapped to virtually any goalie’s leg pads, providing him or her with the ability to glide in the butterfly as they would on the ice. Each package comes with a four-piece set to be strapped on the inside of each knee and calf area.

Rollerfly is ideal for netminders who are passionate about training off the ice, or if the goalie is considering a move to roller hockey.

Especially if you are an inline skater who can’t convince your ice hockey goalie to switch to roller, this is one of the best gifts for goalies. The excuses to switch over are no more!

xCrease Goalie Slideboard

If you’re really wanting to make a splash this holiday season, the xCrease Goalie Slideboard is the ultimate training tool for goalies at any level.  No need to book rink time or wait until practice to work on speed and agility — the xCrease allows goalies to do it wherever they like! Save recovery, going from butterfly to standing, side-to-side are all important aspects of the game and working these away from the rink is a monumental challenge.

If a goalie is quick in his or her crease, great things will come for his or her team. Goalie slideboards help develop speed in every facet.

Looking to spend a little less? You have a few options. The XHP Advanced Goalie Slideboard is equipped to help netminders work on their side-to-side movements, building leg strength, endurance and speed in the process. It’s cost is more affordable than other options, making it a great tool for beginner-to-intermediate players. The standard xCrease Goalie Slideboard features an NHL-scale crease, allowing goaltenders to slide from post to the top of the crease, middle of the net to the far side of the crease and more. Purchase of this item includes access to 64 different training videos to help goalies learn the best way to utilize this slideboard.

Equipment Sleeves

Leg Pad Sleeves & xSlideboard Booties

Of course, when getting any slideboard, you want to ensure that the players’ leg pads are safe from wear and tear. We recommend the Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves, which fit over any goalie leg pads and keeps them fresh for games, as well as the XHP Slideboard Booties (both are included with most xCrease Goalie Slideboard Packages, but be sure to check the one you purchase does).

Goalies will always tell you they could be better between the pipes. Give them that opportunity this holiday season.

Blocker Sleeve

The Blocker Sleeve allows goalies to work on his or her hand-eye coordination, as well as reaction time, from anywhere, including inside his or her home.

Every goalie has worked on catching the ball after bouncing it off a nearby wall. The Blocker Sleeve takes this to a whole new level, as the ball bounces from the opposing object and back to the goaltender. The goalie then uses his or her blocker to catch the ball, rather than a bare hand. This is a more fluid motion that a goalie is used to on the ice, allowing for more real-game training, even in the outdoor elements.

Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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