Perfect Hockey Stocking Stuffers

You’ve already landed a SuperDeker, new gear and an xPasser Dual Pro. Christmas is perfect, right? Shooooooooot, you forgot the stockings! We’ve all been there; to make it a memorable hockey Christmas, here’s a list of hockey stocking stuffers!

hockey stocking stuffersRolls of Tape

Tape is always a fine option for hockey players of any levels. They’ll always need it and they can never have enough of it.

Regular blade tape is available in black or white, while poly shin guard tape comes in the usual clear shade. A great option is the Howies Cloth Hockey Tape Case, which provides plenty of hockey tape to be gifted across multiple Christmases!

Remember that a roll of tape comes free with a purchase of $75 or more.

Precision Pro League Floorball

white floorballThere’s nothing like hours of fun just after presents are opened. The Precision Pro League Floorball is lightweight and bright, allowing for play in the dimmest of light.

Precision Pro League Floorball isn’t just for kicks, though. This floorball works great as a training tool for stickhandling, passing and shooting.

Accompany this with a big present, a selection from our exclusive floorball collection, and this Christmas will be one your family or friends never forget.

Lit Biscuit

Do you or your child ever want to play outdoors at night, but can’t seem to find a puck that can easily be seen? The Lit Biscuit is one that will always remain lit enough for play any time of the day.

The center of the Lit Biscuit stays lit at all times, making it excellent for those situations where proper lighting is impossible. Its feel mirrors that of an official game puck, making this the ultimate gift for the player who wants nothing but to play hockey 24/7.

Already have a Lit Biscuit? Get a replacement battery for even more use!

Pucks & Balls – Training and Recreational Use

Want another option for balls or pucks?

If you’re looking for a training puck, the xHockeyProducts Green Biscuit puck helps develop backhand, forehand, one-touch, saucer and drop passing. It works on almost any surface, making it a truly multi-dimensional training tool.

Another excellent option for stickhandling is the xBall, which truly helps develop soft and quick hands. These balls resist bouncing, teaching the player to work on the rotation of the ball for improved control that will translate to the ice. These are available to purchase in bulk for higher discounts the more you buy.

Practicing indoors? Mini Foam Balls are excellent for indoor use, as even the hardest whips at the ball won’t cause excess damage to household items. Although we don’t recommend shooting indoors (we heard that enough when we were kids), using these balls for stickhandling anywhere is an excellent option for the all-the-time hockey player. Buying these in bulk make for excellent stocking stuffers!

We also carry regulation black ice hockey pucks (non-marking vs. regular marking). Check out our wide variety of stickhandling, outdoor and reaction balls if you’re still seeking something else.

stocking stuffersxTargets 3.0

You may have heard of the original xTargets, which allow shooters to place targets anywhere on the net. The xTargets 3.0 have been upgraded with an economical, durable vinyl construction. This allows for us to cut the cost dramatically, while still providing an excellent product that can withstand a barrage of shots.

These are perfect for the shooter or the coach and fits in any hockey bag (yes, even a coach’s bag). They are compact but add a lot of value to any training regime.

stick weightsXHP Stick Weight

Weighing in at 6 ounces, the xHockeyProducts Stick Weight is an excellent addition to any player’s on- or off-ice hockey training drills. The stick weight forces the player to utilize hand speed at a much more difficult pace. You’ve seen baseball players use the bat weights or two bats at the on-deck circle; this is the same principle.

The Velcro attachment makes for easy assembly onto the stick and it can be used by any player at any level. If you are looking for the coach, this is an ideal addition to any hockey practice for all of his or her players.

Hat Trick BBQ Equipment

You’ve probably heard about the movement to reuse composite hockey sticks for various objects, and Hat Trick BBQ (a division underneath the Requip’d umbrella) has taken that idea to the next level. If you know anyone who loves to grill, golf, eat ice cream or even someone who lives in a cold climate, Hat Trick BBQ has the perfect gift for you to give!

As many hockey fans know, carbon composite sticks are durable and can take some punishment. That’s why these recycled items are perfect for many of the tough jobs we face every day.

Also remember that when you buy Hat Trick BBQ gear, you are keeping sticks out of landfills and giving them a new life!

XHP Folding Mini Goal

Made with reinforced plastic tubing, this mini goal can take any punishment you dish at it. Yes, even if you use your Gretzky Floorball gear (which you can learn about here).

You definitely want to have a net that can be beat up when playing floorball; those that have played know it can get pretty intense!

Custom xDecals – Sticks, Water Bottles & Helmets

Want a true custom feel when you hit the rink? xDecals allow players to feel like the pros, creating decals for their equipment.

Whether wanting one for your sticks, water bottles or helmets, xDecals allow players to lay claim on their property. After lighting the lamp, the player you’re buying for can thank his or her personal stick, get some taps on his or her helmet and chug some water from a customized water bottle!

The Custom xDecals are available as a team order of 16 stick labels or as a combo purchase for sticks, water bottles and helmet labels.


Whether just learning the game or a seasoned pro, many players don’t know the proper techniques for stickhandling. It takes much work to learn the craft, and sometimes a tool is needed to complete the job.

The Danglator is a tool that straps onto any hockey glove and teaches the player to control the puck with his or her top hand, not the bottom hand. This will translate into game play, allowing the player to remember his or her training and make for a much stronger puck mover.

Check out the video below that describes how the process works.

The Danglator is also available with a senior glove for a truly proper teaching tool.

Mold Monster – Deodorizer Spray

Hockey players often try deodorizer sprays, but they seldom work properly. Finally, there ‘s one that is proven to operate at full capacity.

Mold Monster doesn’t use bleach, silver ions, ammonia or alcohols and completely all-natural and chemical free! Get rid of that mold and mildew on all the hockey fabric, plastic, foam and vinyl products.

Not only is this proven to work, but it is environmentally friendly.

hockey wraparoundHockey WrapAround

Kids, and even some adults, always want to use their favorite stick when they play street or inline hockey. However, as someone who went through wood stick after wood stick growing up, I can’t even begin to tell you how harmful this is to those $150 composite sticks.

Luckily, there is a solution.

The creators of Hockey WrapAround ICE have been through the motions themselves; street hockey, whether for entertainment or off-ice training, can be hazardous to a player’s favorite stick. WrapAround actually wraps the blade of the stick, making it playable on any surface!

The plastic wraps surround the blade, but do not cover the center, leaving it open for an on-ice feel when the player handles, shoots and passes the puck. This durable plastic tapers to fit any model stick and is extremely lightweight (weighing in around 39 grams).

Think about this, parents: for $29.95, you are prolonging a stick’s life, meaning you’ll be spending less throughout the years!

proformance-stick-waxStick Wax

Extending the life of sticks, stick wax is always a nice option for hockey players on any gift-giving occasion.

With wax, sticks will not freeze up on the ice, as snow and ice build-up is minimal. Grip is improved, as tackiness provides the player a feel that spans across multiple games before needing to re-apply.

Proformance Wax is a fine option if you have an idea what the player you are buying for prefers. Choose between four different levels to provide the player with the attribute he or she prefers.

Pro Guard Blade Butter Stick Wax insulates the wax from external debris and breakage, while also improving shot speeds and puck control. It comes in one option, if you’re unsure what your player prefers.


HockeyTUL Deluxe Multi-Tool V.20

No need to carry around multiple tools for all the repairs to every piece of equipment you may need to work on.

The HockeyTUL includes five fold-out tools to help you maintain your gear properly. This includes a sharpening stone, helmet repair, lace tightener, pliers for pulling frayed laces through eyelets, scissors for tape, bottle opener and a carrying case.

This is safe for players of all ages, as there are no blades and the scissors are rounded at the edges.

Puck Catcher

Nobody likes gathering the pucks after warm-ups or practice (you can’t always make the rookie do it). The answer to this is the Puck Catcher.

The easiest way to catch and gather pucks, the Puck Catcher helps develop soft hands and tape-to-tape passing ability thanks to its unique flip-up ramp.

At xHockeyProducts, we offer packages for you to buy a few pucks along with the Puck Catcher for a great bundle! Don’t forget to choose some biscuits to go along with the team’s new tool when ordering.

XHP Gift Card

Although our list is going to (hopefully) help narrow down exactly what to get that hockey enthusiast, a great option is always the XHP gift card! This allows the player to decide whether he or she prefers equipment over training aids, CCM over Bauer or elbow pads over shin guards! Keep the decision in his or her hands.

Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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