The Team’s Picks for Best Hockey Gifts of 2018

We’ve shown you item after item that could be a great gift this season. However, these aren’t exactly the picks that the xHockeyProducts team would choose as gifts for themselves. So what are the top Christmas gifts the XHP team is circlng in catalogs this year?

Jeff Ponder, Lee Elias, Peter Ing and Bryce Salvador all weighed into what you should be eyeing for the hockey player in your life this holiday season.

PonderJeff Ponder – xHockeyProducts Marketing Director

Played hockey since grade school | Former high school hockey coach | Former reporter / media member for St. Louis Blues

Nikita Kucherov autographed puck

Autographed Merchandise

While growing up a player, I also grew up a huge fan of the NHL. What was on my Christmas list every season?

If you want a gift that truly lasts forever, it’s an autographed puck, jersey or photo from a current or retired NHL player. After all, we play the game because we are marveled by the heroes we watch on the ice.

Check out jerseys, pucks and photos at our Hockey Fan Shop.


I grew up playing mostly roller hockey, so finding some tiles to lay in the basement was a task my family and I considered for years. Ultimately, it never happened, but that’s because xTiles weren’t around yet.  xTiles are great for inline skating, but, more importantly, they will help you stickhandle, shoot and pass like you are on the ice. Its puzzle-like fit makes for easy assembly and there’s never a worry it will come apart.

It’s lightweight, making for cheaper shipping, and easy for transportation around the house or facility. They’re some of the more quiet tiles on the market, too, allowing players to skate throughout the night without worry of waking up his or her family members.


The SuperDeker is truly one of the more amazing interactive games I have played. It’s more than just for fun, though; this is a perfect training tool for hockey players of all ages for this reason, and it also makes for  hours of entertainment and healthy competition with oneself, as well as others.

Read more on our blog as to why the SuperDeker has taken the hockey world by storm.


Blade Shades

There really isn’t a cooler looking gift than Blade Shades. Granted, we don’t see the sun much from November-February in St. Louis, but the rest of the year is typically very sunny. Instead of stopping at the drug store and picking up a cheap pair for $5, I would much rather wear these around town and show off my love for the game.

These are definitely going to be a hit this holiday season. And with multiple options for styles, Blade Shades are going to be seen around the hockey rink for some time.

CCM JetSpeed Stick

Although the top-of-the-line comes in at $249.99, the JetSpeed stick line starts at just $54.99. This is the stick I use on the regular and I can’t imagine playing with anything else at this point. My passes are crisper than ever, while my ability to receive passes and deaden the puck is remarkable. This has been quite the step up from my previous stick.

Although, I am a believer in all CCM sticks (add Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin to that group, too). You really can’t go wrong with any, which is why the link above takes you to all JetSpeed sticks.

ccm jetspeed

Not a CCM player? I recommend the Warrior Covert Snipe Pro and Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+ sticks. These are exclusive to XHP and are quite impressive when taking into account their price point.

XHP Gift Card

Can’t find that specific Christmas gift to help your giftee get through the rest of the hockey season? Get that person an xHockeyProducts gift card, redeemable in-store or online!

Whenever my family has trouble finding me something hockey related that I don’t already own, they know the best option is a gift card.

lee elias

Lee Elias – WeLive.Hockey & Hockey WrapAround President

Played college and professional hockey for five seasons | Former ACHA II head coach and general manager | 2-Time Author (Win and Think Like a Fan)

EZ Goal

EZ Goal with Rebounder & Targets

EZ Goal provides you with everything you would imagine in the product title. It’s easy setup, easy storage and easy on your windows and cars.

I’ve shot my fair share of shots wide. The EZ Goal with Hockey Rebounder and Targets stop pucks from breaking valuables and causing that chase down of the puck down the street if you’re playing outside, while also providing shooting targets for the player.

xDeviator 1.0

A vital part to a player of any playing level is understanding proper stickhandling techniques and keeping his or her head up. The xDeviator is the perfect tool for this aspect of the game, creating a physical obstacle for players to work through. It allows for speeds of all kinds, forcing players to want to work faster on each attempt.

It comes highly recommended, as colleague and former NHLer Jamie Rivers uses it in many of his training regimes.

hockey seasonxDeviator 4.0

A few steps up from the xDeviator, the 4.0 is simply a larger surface in which to practice your stickhandling. This is an excellent tool to use in practice to attack with speed, as it becomes the ultimate barrier for players looking to improve their stickhandling. The 4.0 is a perfect tool for any player, but is excellent for the coach looking to add new drills to his or her practices.


top hockey gifts – xTargets

Although shooting for corners in practice will prepare for accuracy in any situation, providing the player with the opportunity to hit a target in any spot will better train his or her eye to find the open area and finish the play with a goal.

xTargets are moveable and provide the player/coach with sound feedback when they are hit. They’re a perfect shooting training tool.


When I was growing up, it was hockey on the pond, in the street or even in the yard. We just wanted to play, even if that meant errant pucks hitting windows, cars or other important items.

If you or your child is someone who is like me, you need a tarp to protect your valuables. SportScreen is made of high-tenacity open mesh polyester fabric that will still hold up in the harshest environments. It’s nearly impenetrable; shot after shot after shot will not harm it. This is one of the most durable and powerful tarps on the market. Trust me — it’s battle-tested.

Bryce Salvador – xHockeyProducts Chairman

Played 13 NHL seasons | Captain of the New Jersey Devils for three seasons | xHockeyProducts co-founder

xPasser Dual Pro

I can’t stress enough the importance of the xPasser in any player’s development (and that spans from beginners to pros). The xPasser is designed to accept a pass from the player, then return it in the same fashion (speed and consistency).

xpasser dual pro

However, we added another caveat into the xPasser system. The Dual Pro features one side that functions as the original xPasser, while the other side deadens the pass a bit, giving a more realistic pass back to teach players the importance of understand puck speed against your own skating speed. The Dual Pro is perfect for give-and-go drills that keep the feet moving at all times.

Of course, the original xPasser is great for the beginner player, while the xPasser 2.0 allows for multiple players to use it at a time, making it a must-have training aid for teams, facilities and players themselves.

xGoalie Shooter Tutor

xgoalie shooter tutor

There’s more than five holes; any hockey player knows that. It’s important to work on shooting for targets, not just the four corners.

Our durable xGoalie Shooter Tutor allows players to shoot at where the goalie isn’t, instead of where you’re usually told to shoot. Thanks to a PVC rubber backer and reinforced binding around the openings and edges, the xGoalie Shooter Tutor allows you to dish out punishment constantly without worry of it not holding up. As far as shooter tutors go, this is the strongest we have found yet. And trust me, we have gone through many shooter tutors in our days!


Shooting tarps are a vital accessory because it teaches new players to pick corners and find holes. Do just that with our own version of the tarp, the xTarp, which is durable and provides shooters with plenty of options for shot placement.

A new element that the xTarp provides is allowing it to be 7 feet or 8 feet in height, allowing you to use it virtually anywhere in your home or training facility.

Gretzky Floorball Sticks

Gretzky floor hockey and floorball sticks are made from 100 percent composite fiberglass, allowing you to use the sticks as you would with your ice sticks because you can trust they can handle the rigors of the game. They are great for training purposes, as well as providing hours of entertainment.

We are the exclusive retailer for the Gretzky Floorball series and are proud to partner with The Great One himself.

XHP Square Floorball Stick

Floorball is excellent for training your hands, but what if you want that real ice hockey feel even more so? The square floorball stick, exclusive to xHockeyProducts, is your answer. The square handle allows for the same feel you get on the ice rink, while providing you with a similar feel for stickhandling that the Gretzky sticks provide.

We are big components of floor hockey as xHockeyProducts, so we only manufacture and carry the best in the world.

Hockey WrapAround

Many parents have asked me the proper way to allow their child to train in the street in a cost-effective manner. What do they mean? Wood and composite sticks break … often … when stickhandling, shooting or passing in the street.

My answer is always the same: try out the Hockey WrapAround.

The creators of Hockey WrapAround have been through the motions themselves; street hockey, whether for entertainment or off-ice training, can be hazardous to a player’s favorite stick. WrapAround actually wraps the blade of the stick, making it playable on any surface.

xSynthetic Ice

Although there are plenty of options to get an on-ice feel, the best option for ice (without actually having ice) is xSynthetic Ice, exclusively sold at xHockeyProducts. Available in different sizes and cost points (with certain features added as the price increases), xSynthetic Ice is a perfect addition to your home training center, or just a nice addition to any backyard or basement.

xSynthetic can be used outdoors or indoors.


Peter Ing – xHockeyProducts President

Played parts of 4 NHL seasons | Posted a miraculous 30-7-1 record in 1987-88 with OHL Windsor | xHockeyProducts co-founder

HYPERICE Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device

When I was playing, I would do what I could to work out those kinks we all get after games. Sometimes, they are stubborn and just won’t go away. However, I played in a different time. Today’s young players are experiencing wonders in technology, and the Hypervolt is at the front end of that.

The Hypervolt promotes blood circulation and improves range of motion, thanks to reaching hard-to-get places and working on muscles to loosen them up either before or after games. It’s a revolutionary product that I 100% back. It’s not just me, either: see what Toronto Maple Leafs forward John Tavares has to say about it:

Edge ProTech

For the goalie, it’s time to stop that annoying edge problem when going post-to-post in practice. Edge ProTech has an option: post guards that sit toward the bottom of the net.

These rubberized blade protectors attach to any regulation hockey goal and protects goalies’ blades (as well as skaters who may crash into the net) from the harmful posts during practice and warmups. They will also improve the life cycle of goals.

Lit Biscuit

The Lit Biscuit is a puck that will always remain lit enough for play any time of the day.

The center of the Lit Biscuit stays lit at all times, making it excellent for those situations where proper lighting is impossible. Its feel mirrors that of an official game puck, making this the ultimate gift for the player who wants nothing but to play hockey 24/7.

XHP Leg Pad Sleeves

When goalies are training away from the rink, they often work the movements in basements, garages or any slick surfaces. Unfortunately, this kind of wear can wreak havoc on leg pads and take years away from their life. What can you do to prevent this wear and tear?

We recommend the Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves, which fit over any goalie leg pads and keeps them fresh for games. These sleeves allow goalies to continue to train away from the rink without worry of damaging the most important piece of puck protection.


Rollerfly has revolutionized the long-time issue of ice goalies not being able to slide in roller hockey or when playing on any other surface. State-of-the-art plates with mini ball bearings inside can be strapped to virtually any goalie’s leg pads, providing him or her with the ability to glide in the butterfly as they would on the ice. Each package comes with a four-piece set to be strapped on the inside of each knee and calf area.

Rollerfly comes in a variety of colors to match any pads’ design.

SKLZ Reaction Ball

There’s nothing more important to a goalie than hand-eye coordination and working on quick movements; this reaction ball works both of these attributes at the same time.

Bounce between teammates or against a wall and the ball will take odd directions and paths, making the athlete work to catch it. Inertia plays a major factor here, as the faster the player throws the ball, the quicker it will return. Reaction time is continuously tested and improved with repetition!

XHP Floorball Stick

As Bryce mentioned above, floorball helps develop hand speed and coordination. Simply stickhandling, shooting and passing with floorball adds elements to a player’s game that can only be matched with on-ice play.

xHockeyProducts offers our own version of the floorball stick, which features an exclusive XHP grip for excellent handling. The xBlade enhances ball control and stickhandling development.

Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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