The Season is Here — What Are the Big Sellers?

‘Tis the season … to have no idea what to buy that hockey player in your life. Finding unique hockey gifts is always a tall order and we feel your pain at xHockeyProducts. However, as a leader in both training aids and hockey equipment, we have provided our audience with buying ideas the past two shopping seasons — and we are yet to hear Christmas morning was a bust.

bryce salvador
Let’s get through this while Sal isn’t looking

Heading into this holiday season, we’re noticing trends in our industry that will likely continue into late December. Should we be sharing our info? Probably not, but when captain Bryce Salvador has his back turned …

xPasser Dual Pro

The xPasser 1.0 and 2.0 have been a big item for us for years. The latest addition to the family, the xPasser Dual Pro, is designed with both the beginner and elite player in mind.

Previous xPassers sling a pass back to the player quickly, allowing him or her to work on the mechanics of pass reception while moving at high speeds. Other xPassers, lik our previous xPaaser Give-N-Go, was built more for the veteran player who wanted the return pass to arrive back at the same rate of speed as the original pass. The Dual Pro utilizes both of these features to allow for training for both types of players. Basically, one side is the xPasser 1.0 and the other is the xPasser Give-N-Go.

If you were unsure which xPasser to buy this holiday season, the decision has become a lot easier for you.

xpasser dual pro

SMU Skates

ccm jetspeed skates
CCM JetSpeed Xtra Pro+

I could just tell you that SMU stands for Strategic Market Unit and be done with it, but that’s not very fair, is it?

SMU items are a cost-effective way to buy gear that provides the player with top-end features at a mid- to low-level price. Truly, it’s the best option for those looking to buy skates for someone else this season as they can pay a reasonable price for something that is high end.

Examples include the following:

CCM Bauer
Tacks Classic Pro+ Tacks Classic Pro Supreme Ignite Pro+ Supreme Ignite Pro
JetSpeed Xtra Pro+ JetSpeed Xtra Pro Supreme Ignite Nexus Freeze Pro
JetSpeed Xtra RibCor Maxx Pro Vapor XLTX Pro Vapor XLTX

These skates top out around $600, whereas the top-of-the-line skates do around $950. There are plenty of price points lower, as well, providing players with excellent features that they probably never thought they could afford.

These skates are exclusive to select retailers, as well, so we recommend shopping our vast skate catalog, as we are a trusted dealer with Bauer and CCM.

Warrior Covert Snipe Pro Stick

A SMU stick, the Covert Snipe Pro includes a wicked release and pinpoint accuracy in what is a mid-level priced stick at $119.99 ($99.99 for the junior). The technology found within this stick would normally make it around $200, but thanks to the core of the stick being mid range, with added features throughout, the price is able to be brought down.

Whether the player you are buying for fancies him or herself a beginner or a pro, the Warrior Covert Snipe Pro is a powerful buy thanks to its durable construction, quick release and lightweight feel.

HYPERICE Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device

You came for unique hockey gifts, so what you’ll get is unique hockey gifts. A state-of-the-art massage device is just what the avid player needs, providing hours of relief long after a grueling game or practice.

The Hypervolt promotes blood circulation and improves overall range of motion, allowing players of all levels to feel more comfortable on the ice. It’s extremely lightweight, allowing even younger players the ability to use it on the back and shoulders without assistance. The multiple head attachments make the Hypervolt a versatile bringer of relief to all parts of the body.


Likely one of the most unique hockey gifts you’ll find is our best seller every season! The SuperDeker is a favorite among all hockey fans and players, allowing the participants to work on their stickhandling while having a blast. It’s a game that is played between teammates, coaches, families and fans.

Don’t believe that? Check out the video below.

Of course, this is such a major seller for us that we featured it as one of our greatest gifts for anybody remotely related to the game we love.


Stay tuned for more in our gift-buying series!

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