Peter Ing


Foam Rollers Make Faster Skaters

Becoming a more powerful skater takes time, effort and training. However, because the skating motion is difficult to replicate off the rink, off-ice workouts to improve skating are hard to come by. There is one
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xdeviator 4.0

xDeviator 4.0: More Room, Better Skills

The xDeviator 4.0 is designed with a larger opening than our original xDeviator. It allows players additional stickhandling room to utilize greater attack speed during on- and off-ice training. – Bryce Salvador, xHockeyProducts You may
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Train Harder With Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves

You've been eyeing the xCrease Goalie Slideboards at and, but you're afraid that you could scuff up your pads. Also, how will your pads slide on the board, compared to how they move
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