elimination cafe

Elimination Cafe – Round 2

When teams get eliminated, what do they do? Our friends at Hockey Achievements showed you what the Round 1 teams were doing, but what about the Round 2 defeated teams?  As you'll see, the Elimination
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hockey stick tape

Taping Your Hockey Stick

Every individual has a certain way of taping a hockey stick. Some tape their sticks in a certain manner because they like the feel they get with the puck on their blade. If you look
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Learning How to Skate

Players in the NHL make skating look so easy. But remember, they, too, had to start somewhere! The premise of skating should be all but impossible. Imagine, balancing yourself on frozen water using a piece
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Hockey Rulebook

Hockey is a relatively simple game: two teams try to put the puck in the opponents’ goal, while preventing the opponents from putting the puck in their goal. Simple! But wait a minute! If it
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