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How Long Should a Hockey Stick Be?

Hmmm. This is always an interesting question. And there is really no definitive answer. When I was growing up, traditional wisdom said that while wearing your skates, you stood the stick on the tip of
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Washington Capitals Team History

Updated October 2018. The 2017-18 season was one for the ages for the Washington Capitals. Before that, though, the franchise struggled to garner any long-lasting success. The Capitals got off to a rough start in
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John Tavares

New York Islanders Team History

Updated October 2018. The New York Islanders joined the NHL in 1972. It was expected they would be called the Long Island Ducks after a former local club. Instead, the team reviewed the names considered
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Henrik Sedin

Vancouver Canucks Team History

Updated October 2018. After failing to acquire a 1967 expansion team, Vancouver was awarded an NHL franchise in 1970 along with the Buffalo Sabres. The Canucks, a slang term for “Canadians,” were already a Western
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