Hockey Facts

Sabres Jack Eichel

Buffalo Sabres Team History

Updated October 2018. The Buffalo Sabres joined the NHL in 1970. Owners Seymour and Northrup Knox held a contest to name the team, challenging fans to come up with something other than buffalo or bison
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Learning How to Skate

Players in the NHL make skating look so easy. But remember, they, too, had to start somewhere! The premise of skating should be all but impossible. Imagine, balancing yourself on frozen water using a piece
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NHL 2012 – Apr 18 – Sidney Crosby (#87) of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Team History

Updated October 2018. The Pittsburgh Penguins were part of the league’s initial expansion in 1967. A newspaper contest was held to name the team, but part-owner Jack McGregor’s wife had already suggested the Penguins, inspired
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Duncan Keith

Chicago Blackhawks Team History

Updated October 2018. Named after an infantry unit in World War I, which was dubbed after a Native American group in Illinois, the team was a part of the NHL’s expansion to the United States.
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