Hockey Facts

Boston Bruins v Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings Team History

Updated October 2017. One of the NHL’s Original Six, the team joined the league in 1926.  They began play as the Detroit Cougars, finally adopting their current name in 1932. New owner James Norris was
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Henrik Lundqvist

New York Rangers Team History

Updated October 2017. The New York Rangers joined the league in 1926, when Tex Rickard, the president of Madison Square Garden, wanted a second hockey team to play in the arena alongside the New York
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Hockey Rulebook

Hockey is a relatively simple game: two teams try to put the puck in the opponents’ goal, while preventing the opponents from putting the puck
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Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Team History

Updated October 2017. The franchise, one of the NHL’s Original Six clubs, was founded in 1917, but was not known as the Maple Leafs until 1927.  General manager Conn Smythe named the club after the
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The Origins of the Stanley Cup

To discover the point at which hockey’s popularity began to explode in Canada, we can point to February 4, 1889. On that date, Lord Stanley of Preston, the sixth Governor General of Canada, observed his
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