Hockey Facts

Duncan Keith

Chicago Blackhawks Team History

Updated October 2017. Named after an infantry unit in World War I, which was dubbed after a Native American group in Illinois, the team was a part of the NHL’s expansion to the United States.
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Hockey Rulebook

Hockey is a relatively simple game: two teams try to put the puck in the opponents’ goal, while preventing the opponents from putting the puck in their goal. Simple! But wait a minute! If it
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Canadiens players

Montreal Canadiens Team History

Updated October 2017. The Montreal Canadiens are the NHL’s oldest and most storied franchise.  Founded in 1909, the team is older than the league.  The club is often referred to as The Habs, for Les
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The Evolution and Growth of the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917 and in its first year, included the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Arena Hockey Club. Unfortunately, the Wanderers lasted but six games, folding
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Hockey Slang

goal celebration
Hockey has a vocabulary all its own. Unless you are fully involved, much of these terms elude us. They are indigenous to the players who
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