Hockey Facts

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Heads Up! – Concussions and Hockey

Over the past several years, the spotlight has clearly shone down on the issue of concussions. NHL players put their physical well-being on the line every time they step out onto the ice. The speed and physical
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Hockey Rulebook

Hockey is a relatively simple game: two teams try to put the puck in the opponents’ goal, while preventing the opponents from putting the puck
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Bruins Cup skate

Boston Bruins Team History

Updated October 2018. The Boston Bruins, one of the NHL’s Original Six franchises, joined the league in 1924. Owner Charles Adams and general manager Art Ross came up with the team name, taking ‘bruin’ from
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goal celebration

Hockey Slang

Hockey has a vocabulary all its own. Unless you are fully involved, much of these terms elude us. They are indigenous to the players who partake in the game we love. Here, we have tried
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