Why Every Team Deserves a Hart Trophy Candidate

hart memorial trophy

In a world where participation gets you a trophy, it’s probably not surprising to read someone making a case for more than the standard three candidates for a regular season award. If any award is worthy of more candidates, though, it’s the Hart Trophy.

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On the Ice with Dano & Sal: Keith Kinkaid Displays Proper Goalie Footwork

keith kinkaid bryce salvador ken daneyko

For young goaltenders, the proper footwork is imperative to reach success at any level. Although staying square to the shooter is one of the most important points to work on in practice, getting a goalie’s feet moving and working on speed in the crease is just as vital. New Jersey Devils goaltender Keith Kinkaid took to the ice with Bryce Salvador and Ken Daneyko of MSG recently to relay this information and show some simple drills to improve speed.

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