Opinion: Keep Shipachyov, Fans Happy – No More Demotions

vadim shipachyov

The Vegas Golden Knights have made some puzzling moves in their short NHL tenure. It started with drafting 15 defensemen in the expansion draft, then trading away arguably their two best choices (Trevor van Riemsdyk and Marc Methot). However, the biggest fumble has been their treatment of Russian superstar Vadim Shipachyov.

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The Vegas Golden Knights – It’s Becoming a Reality

vegas golden knights

One year ago, it seemed like the Vegas Golden Knights were a dream and that their inaugural season was far in the distance. Even just a couple months ago when the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins were slugging it out for the 2017 Stanley Cup title, the Knights didn’t even appear on our radar (except for the countless mock expansion drafts flooding the internet).

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The New Gear Has Arrived

hockey achievements new gear
In recent weeks, we've been telling you about Lee Elias, creator of, who has some tried-and-true equipment, but he is looking for new gear
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