On the Ice with Dano & Sal: Defending with Steven Santini

Santini Salvador

Bryce Salvador and Ken Daneyko have been breaking down the New Jersey Devils’ strong start all season long on MSG Network, but only a fraction of their hockey expertise bleeds through on the broadcast. With some help from Devils’ current defenseman Steven Santini, the two former standout defenders show you how to legally defend against a man in front of the net in today’s game.

As Salvador and Daneyko point out, though, the game is much different than when they played (even with Salvador retiring relatively recently). That’s why Santini’s assistance is vital in properly showing young defenders how to let their goalie see the shot, while not taking a penalty.

Watch the video below to see how it is done.

Even though Santini has appeared in less than 100 games, he is showing Devils fans on a nightly basis that he can control play in front of the net when his netminder, Cory Schneider, needs a clear lane to see the shot.

Santini stresses the importance of keeping your stick below the other player’s stick in order to avoid drawing a penalty. The defenseman’s first instinct is to barrel down on the other player and tie him up with his or her stick at his or her feet, but this will often lead to power plays for the opposing team (something Salvador and Daneyko would likely often be called on in today’s NHL). Boxing out the player from staying on top of the crease is also of the utmost importance, as it allows the goalie to see an oncoming shot, even if he or she is of smaller stature.

Stay tuned for more videos from Dano and Sal as they provide MSG Network with Devils coverage on and off the ice all season long.

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