xCrease Goalie Slideboard 2.0: Your Crease at Home


You can bounce balls up against the garage door for so long before you need to up your training regime. However, there’s only so much you can do off the ice.

Now, you can move on from the garage door.

The xCrease Goalie Slideboard 2.0 is an NHL regulation-size goal crease that includes pushers and bumpers you’ll need for your training purposes. Curve pushers are also included, which help you maintain your angle of attack.

I discuss the perks of bringing the xCrease Goalie Slideboard 2.0 home in the following video.

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Pass Like a Pro with the xPasser


The xPasser allows you to work on your passing whether you are alone or with a friend. It’s a tool that any hockey player looking to gain a competitive advantage should bring into their training regime.

The xPasser lineup comes in two different products: the xPasser and xPasser 2.0. It’s important to note the similarities and differences between both options.

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Develop Your Backhand Shot


Just ask any goaltender: the backhand shot is the most deceptive and elusive.

Whether you’re on a breakaway or just getting the shot through traffic, the backhand might be the best go-to option.

However, because of the trickiness, it’s also the most difficult to get off. That’s why we’re here; watch as Pavel Barber shows you how to build up to the backhand.

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