Defensive Plays

NHL: NOV 29 Blue Jackets at Predators
What are Defensive Plays? When the opposition has the puck, regardless of the zone, a player and his team are

Offensive Plays


What are Offensive Plays?

When a Defenseman heads back to retrieve a puck below the goal line for a Break Out, a defined range of positive offensive plays are possible, each with a varying degree of advantage created. The Defenseman might:

Carry the puck the length of the ice, evade several players, shoot and score.

Carry it the length of the ice, create a 2v1 advantage, and make a perfect saucer pass to a teammate who is left with an open net.

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Meaningful Hockey Data

Providing NHL Players, Teams, and Fans, with the most complete performance information available... This is OUR METHOD: When a player
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